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larnbean ([personal profile] larnbean) wrote2015-09-15 06:24 pm

oh hi.

So as of today (9.14.2011) my journal is officially friends only. (except for fic and fic related stuff). If you're interested in reading about my life feel free to friend me, if you're just here for fic, enjoy ♥

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You seem rerally awesome, and I hope you don't mind too terribly if I add you as a friend? Please?
I'm Liz, by the way.

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Hello Liz! I'm Lauren :DDD it's very nice to meet you! Yay new frands :D out of curiosity how did you come across my journal :) the fact that you like Harry Potter AND TDK that already makes you awesome already but tell me a little bit more about yourself! :D
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