Date: 2012-05-19 07:30 pm (UTC)
Right. So.

Sasha would definitely be the hooker, but I feel like he would be a pretty high paid escort, not really a hooker, because I've been giving it a lot of thought.

So it goes like this: Sasha's standing around smoking a cigarette outside at this really weird night club w/ foam and bubbles and whatever, he's being paid to be here so it's not like it matters, but there's this goofy looking guy eyeing him and the guy looks like he's got money, and is he wearing a fur coat? It's not even cold out but whatever. The guy keeps staring at Sasha, and Sasha cocks his hip to the side and figures he's got a few minutes before his john comes back from the bathroom.

The guy walks up to Sasha, kinda smiling, but kinda not. He greets Sasha in Russian which is kind of awesome because Sasha hasn't really run into many Russians since he got here but it also makes him a little home sick. The guy asks Sasha if he's w/ someone and Sasha says yes but gives the guy his card and says he can call him later. The guy says okay and walks off, later that night, when Sasha gets home he realizes that the guy didn't even tell him his name.

The guy doesn't call for a few weeks, which whatever, it's not like Sasha thinks about him or wonders why he hasn't called, but one night (Sasha's night off) he calls.
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