Date: 2012-05-20 04:48 pm (UTC)
IT'S COOL (there's gonna be some hand waving action here because I don't know how Sasha couldn't know who Ovie was and be Russian so maybe Sasha is just out of the loop or something or maybe Ovie just looks really familiar idk I feel like this entire thing is super awkward I just wanna get to Sasha blowing Ovie)

okay so Sasha's phone is ringing and it's a private number but Sasha has a feeling he wants to pick this one up. So he does and Sasha automatically realizes that it's the guy from the other night and the guy says his name is Alex (which is weird because Sasha is Alex too) but then he tells Sasha that everyone just calls him Ovie.

Okay, so Ovie and Sasha make plans for a late dinner that night and they don't really discuss prices because Sasha is discreet and classy and that's just how he does things. Sasha makes sure to clean his place before he goes out because maybe Ovie will want to go back to his place, maybe Ovie's married or has a girlfriend or something but it's not Sasha's job to think about that kind of thing so whatever. They meet up a pretty high scale restaurant in the city not too far from Sasha's place and Ovie pulls Sasha's chair out for him and he's really kind of charming and that's weird too.

Sasha and Ovie talk about lots of stuff at dinner because they apparently have a lot in common, and Sasha thinks he's seen Ovie before. He looks really freaking familiar, but Sasha ignores that too because that's not his job. But Sasha keeps thinking "what the hell I must have seen this guy before.." and then when they're leaving the restaurant someone approaches them and, shit, it's a DC cop and Sasha is afraid he's going to get busted but the cop is asking Ovie for an autograph and after the cop leaves Ovie looks kind of sheepish about it. Finally Sasha realizes that Ovie is short for Ovechkin.
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