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these are some more specific prompts that i would love reading, but don't feel any pressure to write them if they don't inspire you :)

Things I love to see: romantic feelings, crushes developing, pining, did I mention feelings?

Things I am not really into: non-linear narratives - I like to see things in chronological order, abusive relationships, humiliation, non-con, dub-con, manipulation.

Jack Eichel/Noah Hanifin
Friendly All American Rivals Who Like To Make Out - a little Boston College vs. Boston University rivalry that leads to team USA make outs and solidarity as they both enter into the NHL. First they competed against each other on a college level and then together on a national level. Now they're figuring out how to make it in The Show and they also like making out?

Michael Latta/Tanner Pearson
Mike and Tanner both did the Kitchener-Waterloo Alumni Hockey Academy and I needed a good excuse for them making out all the time. They're both small town guys from similar areas. Did they know each other before? Did they crush on each other? Had they met when they were teenagers and there was always something there?

Alec Martinez/Tanner Pearson
First date...and other first times for Marty and Tanner. Marty wooing Tanner, taking him out, going to the beach and holding his hand and making Tanner blush. Anything where Tanner is adorable and sweet, and so into how hot Marty is.

Tanner Pearson/Mike Richards
Fluffy first dates and cuddles. I would really love to see something fluffy and sweet.

Tanner Pearson/Willie Mitchell
hot older guy Willie Mitchell wooing Tanner. All Willie Mitchell wants is to feed Tanner and make sure he's well taken care of.

Wayne Simmonds/Jakub Voracek
Wayne and Jake falling in love - teammates to friends to lovers? Wayne is the best in so many ways and Jake can't help but love him.

I know these are a little vague but I wanted to kind of leave it open to your interpretation! if you any questions, please contact @von_b on Twitter/brokendaisychains on tumblr :)

P.S. Porn or no porn I am open to receiving either!

oh hi.

Sep. 15th, 2015 06:24 pm
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So as of today (9.14.2011) my journal is officially friends only. (except for fic and fic related stuff). If you're interested in reading about my life feel free to friend me, if you're just here for fic, enjoy ♥
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so round 5 of [ profile] ae_ldws started up and the wonderful, lovely, gorgeous  [ profile] hungerpunch encouraged me to enter, so i did! overall i thought it was pretty helpful. it gave me deadlines that i had to meet (or i would be disqualified), it also encouraged me to write, and writing is difficult sometimes when you're not "in the mood" so overall i felt lots of positive stuff about the experience as a whole! ;D



Apr. 11th, 2012 04:25 pm
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so, [ profile] swingingstars told me to do some research on my "type" and these are my findings.

this is really just an excuse for a pic spam of hot men.

i began by opening up my hot men folder )
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patrick kane is ruining my life.
in the best way possible.


patrick fucking kane )
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Kaner loves red Gatorade
Kaner/Tazer | PG | 600~ words
It’s not like Johnny cares, because he really doesn’t.
thanks to Zan and Lo for the beta work <333
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I was dreaming, but I should have been with you instead
Arthur/Eames | PG | 500~ words
all lyrics belong to Wham!
for [personal profile] ladderax
I hope you like it! This song was seriously stuck in my head for weeks after I'd heard it in the grocery store.

thanks to [personal profile] hungerpunch for the beta <3
I'll give it to someone special )
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Whatever You Like
Arthur/Eames | NC-17 | ~2300
my [ profile] dream_holiday fic written for [ profile] avidlie who asked for a winter holiday away in a cabin
a big thank you to [ profile] hungerpunch for being an extremely thoughtful and encouraging beta, and a wonderful friend

“How much rum did you put in this?” )


Oct. 31st, 2011 04:35 pm
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Arthur/Eames | PG | ~300 words
Written for [ profile] cherrybina's Fluff meme. Song lyrics by The Cure. Warnings for mpreg. Also thank you to [ profile] hungerpunch for being lovely and amazing and encouraging.

It's such a gorgeous sight To see you eat in the middle of the night. )

For Now.

Sep. 18th, 2011 09:58 pm
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For Now
Arthur/Eames | NC-17 | ~1100 words
A big thank you to [ profile] hungerpunch for being the best beta ever, and for pushing me to post! ilu, bb.

Arthur likes to jerk off in front of Eames' projection. )


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